Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Culture: An Ambiguous Interface

If you walk in Christian circles today, you are likely to hear much about the culture. There are culture warriors, culture changers, clashes of culture, culture wars, cultured yogurt, and the counter culture. Christians are told they need to engage the culture, impact the culture, infiltrate the culture, understand the culture, challenge the culture, and a host of other dramatic imperatives.
But the Bible doesn’t talk about

Saturday, December 4, 2010

They Know Not What They Do

When Christ was being crucified at the hands of the leaders of Israel, He asks for their forgiveness in light of their ignorance. Ignorance is one thing, but there are many who spit in the face of God and sin against Him with full knowledge.
Upon hearing the phrase “for the hell of it” the other day, my mind started down a path. Etymology fascinates me. Entomology does too, but that’s another topic. Where do some of the crazy things we say come from? What is the Latin root of that word? How did awful become awful? I think I figured out where this hellish phrase came from and how it can be used to glorify Christ.
If I were to say I was going to commit adultery this weekend